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Clipping Service House is a USA based Photoshop Image editing and clipping path service company that provide all kind of photo editing service like background removal service, Multi clipping path service, Image Masking Service, Ghost mannequin removal/neck joint service, Photo color change service, Car photo editing service, photo retouching and eCommerce product photo editing service for eCommerce business owner, photographer or dealers.

High quality and standard price is our first guarantee. we do 100% handmade Photoshop working by our in-house 50+ Graphic designers. No problem if you have a Bulk amount of orders, we are able to deliver 5000+ images per day. We provide service all over the world and our maximum clients from USA, UK, Germany, France, Australia, Netherlands and Europe is our first.

So if you are a photographer, eCommerce business owner or vehicles shop dealer, or magazine business owner you are in the right place to outsource your photo editing service.

Clipping path, Background remove, Product resizing 100%
Image masking, Layer masking, channel, Photo retouching 100%
Ghost mannequin, Shadow creation, Raster to vector 100%
Photo restoration, wedding retouching, glamour retouching, eCommerce editing 100%
Color change, Web image optimization, Real estate, furniture, food, jewelry retouching 100%


Our Services are perfect for Product photographers, eCommerce entrepreneurs, and every online brand. No matter, wherever or whenever our inhouse graphic designer is ready to provide 100% quality service and we don’t take any single money before client satisfaction as we say “Our clients are our best advertisement”

Get your Image editing service 24/7 in a world that never sleeps. SO QUALITY IS NOT A PROMISE, BUT A FACT TRUST US.

James Anderson

Designer/ CEO/ CSH Graphic Founder

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    CSH Graphics Media Team

    Expert graphic designers: At Clipping Service House all graphic designers complete a Diploma on Computer science and Graphic Design. and they all have a professional Graphic Design certificate from reputed Bangladesh Institute. Our graphic designers also have 10+ Experience in this industry, so don’t worry about your photo. We provide an Image editing service without damaging your raw image.


    Image Editing Services we provide professionally

    CSH_Graphic Design team provides Professional service as the best Image editing service provider company in Bangladesh and we do all works by Photoshop which is 100% handmade. You can see our YouTube channel video tutorial or visit our some service page then you understand how we do every clients job. We also provide affordable cheap price and also give discount on bulk amount. Our main 4 service below,

    Clipping Path Service:

    You know in current years People know how important the eCommerce business is. and now people are more likely to buy products from home and they want their desired product within a short time with quality assurance, also the seller is very active to deliver the customer product door to door. But when buyers buy products they only see product photos and that’s why sellers try to provide high-quality and professional-looking photos to better understand this product and it’s really hard to provide high-quality photos by eCommerce business owners when he/she is really busy and don’t know about Photoshop. That’s why we such as Image editing company provide this kind of service for our clients. We help them by providing a professional clipping path , product background removal service, product dust remove or color correction service for more attractive photos. 

    Nowadays online shopping is very easy & popular. Everybody wants to buy their expected product from home & the seller is very active to deliver their product door to door. For making a good selling target the company always wants to show their product online by photo-shot their product & Image Cut Out from Background. So, every company needs their product cut out. Image Background Removal Service is the first choice for this action.

    There are a lot of clipping path company out there providing clipping service. We first take photos from our clients then we edit photos with Photoshop and then optimize every photo with clients requirement and save every photo by following standard web image optimization rules. and once Photoshop work finishes we send every image to our QC after checking all images we provide our final delivery to our client.

    Photoshop Image Masking Service: Some images have some critical parts like fur, hair or wool. and this type of image is very hard to clipping by Photoshop pen tools pointer. Image masking service is another technique for changing background or making transparent background for every image. We apply this technique because we don’t want to miss any object from the raw image. There are several types of masking like, alpha layer masking, channel masking, Refine edge masking, Fur and hair masking, Transparent masking, Translucent object masking, color masking etc. We apply image masking on every image by following clients requirements. After finishing a job we always try high quality images. 

    Photography Image Retouching Service: Nowadays it’s become a very popular image editing service around the world. This service working field is also huge. Suppose you are a well experienced photographer we took photos the whole day and after checking all photos you feel your photo has not enough brightness or see some unwanted dust or you need to remove some object on your photo. But you aren’t able to re-shoot your whole photo right you know it’s very hard. then you definitely need some Photoshop work, if you are experts in Photoshop it’s okay for you on the other hand if you need some support from some professions image editing company then you need to contact some professional image editing company for sure. On the other hand, the eCommerce industry grows day by day, a lot of people work on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Etsy, and other eCommerce platforms or maintain their own eCommerce website. But for online business, you know image plays a big role in increasing sales and for more impression. so you definitely need to present your image with high quality and fully fresh.

    As the best Image Editing service provider company In USA we provide all kinds of photo retouching services and eCommerce product photo editing services at an affordable price. No matter if you have 200+ wedding images or have thousands of eCommerce product images and you need quick delivery within 1-3 days or urgent 24 hours. we are able to provide you with your time around by ensuring image high quality. we help you to give a natural image look, remove unwanted dust from photo, color correction, and be able to give white background or transparent background on your image.

    Photography Image Retouching Service is very familiar in image editing field. Everybody wants their product without any dust, scratches etc. It’s mostly applied on E-commerce business product, Image Manipulation Service & many more. When an images come out from studio, its need to work some additional work like Professional Image Photoshop Retouching Service, which can only provide an image editing company. After remove the dust, scratches & unwanted object from an image it’s looks nice & attractive.

    Ghost Mannequin Removal service and Neck Joint Service: Most popular service for garments products like Shirt, Pants, T-shirt, Night Dress, Bra, Penty etc. When a cameraman shoots their product image they need to wear their product on dummy or dolls or model for better image shape. but when you display it on your eCommerce platform it’s not possible to provide a dummy look not good. That’s why you need this ghost mannequin removal service, in this service we provide ghost mannequin dummy removal service, neck joint service, slave joint, slave joint, 360-degree image editing service, etc. someone also called this service as apparel image back part joint service. 

    Beside those 4 main services we also provide 2 additional services:

    a. Photoshop Image Shadow Creation Services: For giving a more natural and professional look sometimes we apply photoshop shadow creation service, There are 3 types of shadow are available, Reflection shadow, natural drop shadow and mirror shadow. Product like chair, sofa, bottle, table etc why give natural drop shadow. On the other hand, Jewelry item replication and mirror shadow is a better option. And Photoshop shadow creation is an additional service in the image editing service industry. 

    b. Web Image Optimization Service: Every eCommerce platform image requirement is little bit different other hand if you have own website its not a good practice to upload any dimension photo or any size of photo. Like for Amazon, Alibaba, Shopify, eBay you have to image with 1200  x 1200 with 150 dpi template. On the other hand when you upload an image on your own website, you need to do some web optimization and resize the image for better SEO performance or better client impressions. We always save our image with clients requirement and with proper resize by following guideline. This image editing service will help to make your service more easily and comfortably. 

    Our Facility 


    Location facility: As USA Based company our sales and marketing department stays at 2481 WESTMONT LANE, Royal Palm Beach, : FL- 33411, and the other marketing teams stay in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Therefore we are able to provide a low price by ensuring 100% satisfied guarantee image editing service. Our main production house stays in the Asia Pacific region on of the developing country Bangladesh capital Dhaka. And our all Designers are highly professional and all have professional Graphic designer Certificate. As a result, we are able to provide a low-cost clipping path or other photo editing service for our valuable clients. 

    We run every different department as; Hr Department, Admin section, Accounts, Production, Marketing and monitoring, and QC (quality control) by expert teams. Our all individual staffs get different facilities as:

    1. Free treatment
    2. Free Lunch
    3. Yearly bonus
    4. Daily Tiffin facility
    5. Holiday facility
    6. Shift-wise duty
    7. Pleasing office space
    8. Overtime (if we have express delivery or bulk order)

    Because of above-mentioned facilities, our every staff to such an extent does their duty.

    In our organization, we always use updated Photoshop image editing tools and use high-quality hardware and software for quick support. Moreover, we have premium and unlimited web hosting from world-recognized company Godaddy.com, which provide 100% sure platform both us and for our clients when client use FTP account. So you can upload your bulk image and download it within a short time without any risk.

    We provide more facilities to our clients, as;

    In our organization we believe that client satisfaction is our business, keeping in mind that we arranged our service providing procedures in all the way money saving for every client. And below-mentioned facilities ultimately made our organization a money-saving organization:

    1. Flat rate on a bulk order,
    2. Competitively low quote,
    3. Quick turnaround time,
    4. Free trial (3 files)

    Our clients

    Photoshop Hand Made High Quality Clipping Path Services With Quick Turnaround Time?

    Need high-quality clipping path service with a standard price you are in the right place. 
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