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Image Masking Service

Image masking is a powerful manipulating way to edit digital photos. It is widely used for photo editing. This is the most perfect way to remove the background of thin and soft-edged images like fabric, hair, and fur. It gives the best results for transparent, semi-transparent, and translucent images.

You can easily change the visibility of an object in an image and also change the color or manipulate it using image masking.

Our Photoshop image masking service provider aims to provide quality masking so that the image looks more attractive without losing the original features of the image. We provide all kinds of image masking services in Photoshop and assure you top quality work that will fit your budget.

Type of Image masking service and their short description

There are different types of image masking services we are providing for our clients.

Below are given their short description for your clarity.

Layer masking

High-quality manual photoshopping by hand. The masks are applied directly to the level using the soft and refined edge with the pen tool. Use it to move backgrounds or isolated objects.  

Prices may vary depending on the complexity and time requirements.

Channel masking

Separates the object from the background, then we save it as an alpha channel to edit brightness, contrast, exposure, etc. Its file is light for uploading / downloading.  

The single color background is perfect for masking this photo.

Hair masking

The clipping path technique is insufficient to refine an image like fur and hair. We then use the image masking technique. We apply a hair masking image to separate the fur and hair from the background of your figure.  

Hair masking images are using objects that have very fine curves. It can gently deal with thin edges and soft edges like hair and furs.

It takes time and effort to make such masks. Also, this type of mask requires extra care because if it is not, the object will lose its appearance.


color masking : To avoid blank lines, an image cut across the edges or outline instead of 1 or 2 pixels inside is a color mask. Designers then apply various effects such as color and exposure correction, reconstruction, etc.

Color masking facilitates the editing of any color through the application of Photoshop image masking service. Thus, it limits the range and number of colors displayed in an image.

Refine edge masking: The refining edge is especially helpful when you have to deal with complex edges. Both layers are applied to soften the edges of the mask and the refining radius. 

It is useful for giving fur, blankets, fabrics, and hair a more natural look.

Transparent object masking: The transparent object masking furry deals with transparent background objects. That means which light can pass.

Examples of these things are water, transparent plastic, glass, etc.

This special type of masking retains the clarity and color of the material.

Translucent object masking: Transparent objects have relatively more opacity than transparent objects. This means that less light than transparent objects can pass through these objects.  

Thin white cloth, sunglasses are some good examples of this kind of thing. Since light passes through these types of objects, translucent object masking cannot be used as is the case for such objects.

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    How Do We Do This

    How is the Image Masking done?

    Masking can be used to reveal or hide any layer from a set of layers. To do this, you need a photo editing program like Photoshop.

    Photoshop masking layers and vector masks are mostly used and the work is done in the following way-

    Adding layers

    One or more layers are added on top of the actual image depending on the need of the work. A new layer is created by simply clicking the Add Layer button on the Layers panel.

    Layers are being masked

    The Visibility Level panel can be turned on or used at any level. Also, the transparency of a layer can be changed by changing the opacity of a layer. You will do this according to your mask command.

    If you want, you can make musk from one layer to another by simply dragging one. It is also possible to enable or disable any level of the mask using the corresponding commands. Additionally, you can change the color of a layer and even delete it as needed.

    Other masks

    In addition to the layer mask related to color and visibility, you can use a feather mask and refine the edge mask. It is also possible to change the density of the mask.

    Why you need an Image Masking Service?

    Photoshop image masking has got a variety of applications for photo editing. Image masking services may be required in virtually any situation. However, you will need this service for the following companies -

    • You will need this service to edit your images as hair editing is almost impossible without image masking.
    • As an e-commerce owner, you will often need this service for photo editing a variety of products such as eCommerce product optimization or product rebuilding services.  
    • Some good examples of such products are transparent fabrics, iron dolls, glassware, and sunglasses.
    • This service enables you to combine different photos on top of each other and change the visibility of each level as you wish.
    • To edit any image where objects are difficult to select, especially thin-edged objects, you can use this service to edit your photos professionally.

    Why choose us for the Image masking service?

    Creative Clipping Path provides the best quality image masking service. It helps you fast turn around time and fast deadlines. We have experienced graphic designers. We provide all kinds of images. 

    You can multi-masking services to e-commerce companies, photographers, graphic design companies, catalogs, magazine and newspaper publishers, and fashion design agencies. 

    We have more than 300 skilled and experienced professional photo editing designers. We always ensure 100% client satisfaction. If you want to write your own instructions for image masking, feel free to write your own instructions. We will follow them and try our best.


    • Reasonable price that fits your budget.
    • All work is completed by professional graphic experts.
    • We try to give 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.
    • We provide worldwide service.
    • Quick response time and delivery time.
    • You will find a 100% premium quality professional image masking service
    • We always meet deadlines.
    • Time to turn fast.
    • Save money and time.
    • Professional photo editing service provider worldwide.
    • 300+ highly experienced professional designers.
    • 24/7 Professional customer support.
    • The communication system is extensive.
    • Special discounts for regular clients and bulk image editing orders.
    • 100% secure service.

    Why Clipping Service House


    In house

    We have 50+ in-house professional graphic Designer

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    We are able to edit 3000+ images within 12 hours. 



    All designers are highly skilled in Photoshop.

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    Photoshop Hand Made High Quality Image Masking With Quick Turnaround Time?

    Need high-quality Image masking service with a standard price you are in the right place. 
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