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Shadow Creation service

The photoshop shadow creation service is one of the most effective services in the photo editing industry. The shadow creation service is essential for creating images of many interesting and beautiful products. Using the reflection shadow service it is possible to get a much more natural look to the product image.  

The absence of shadows makes a picture strange and floating in the air. Making shadows in photoshop increases the image’s more realistic aspect of the client. For this, the creation of the shadow in Photoshop to display the product is very important and necessary.

We offer you a unique touch by creating a reflection or shadow around the image. Some products have an unusual and irrational appearance in their raw, naked, and wild format. In such a picture, you can improve the quality by creating shades and/or 3D effects. We create a new shade to create images of real pictorial and natural products.

Type of Photoshop shadow creation Services and their short description

Types of shadow Creation

There are several categories of shadow effects services. These are 

  • Drop Shadow 
  • Reflection Shadow
  • Natural Shadow 
  • Retain Original Shadow

A variety of shadow effect techniques are used for different types of images.

Drop Shadow

The drop shadow shows the item in such a way that it rises slightly above the background, virtually floating. Sometimes, this additionally gives the item a faded glow. This system is commonly used by e-commerce retailers to display product photos online.

During the product photo editing service, we often remove image background. Photoshop drop shadow makes your product image more foundation and real. Customers will get a feeling like a real and original product that will end up with a purchase.

Reflection shadow & Natural Shadow

The reflection proves your visibility, weakness, and existence. The combination of light and reflection makes the photograph look like a glass mirror taken on an outer surface. Using Photoshop image shadows in product images can create a background for customers and affect performance as follows.  

E-commerce, catalogs, brochures, newspapers, prints, and magazines are valuable and easily managed image editing recitation.

The natural shadow is the real shadow of an object that we see in natural light. Sometimes we see in studio lighting, we don’t find shadows beneath objects. We can’t keep the natural shadow while removing the background of any content. 

Using the clipping path or image mask technique, we may return and cast shadow accordingly. So getting shadow back we use Photoshop’s natural shadow effect.

Retain original shadow

Sometimes the shadow that comes with the subject is more perfect than adding an artificial one. However, after removing the background using the image cutout technique, the natural shadow is also removed or sometimes you may be overwhelmed by the natural shadow.  

We make the necessary changes to retain the original shadow to enhance the authenticity of your shadow

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    How Do We Do This

    How is the drop shadow done?

    Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you learn how the drop shadow process works.

    • First, launch the photo editing software where the drop shadow process will be completed.  There is various software like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.
    • An alternative “File” is then found at the top of the software window.  You need to click that option and then click “New”.
    • After opening the new file, you will see that there is a toolbar to the left of Illustrator or Photoshop.
    • Select the “Text” option for writing any text.
    • Then select the text using “Selection Tools”.
    • Now look at the bar above again and look for the menu called “Effects”.
    • There you will find another option called Stylize.  To open this menu, hover the cursor over stylization and select “drop shadow”.
    • A pop-up window will appear with various options.  You can edit these options to change the drop shadow effect.

    This is just a tutorial that you can use for different images.  The above method is taken from Adobe Illustrator.  However, the procedure is more or less the same for any photo editing software.

    Where do you need shadow masking service?

    There are many areas where your drop shadow service needs reflective shadows. Below are some of them described in detail.

    Decreasing or increasing the shadow opacity: Not all shades are always sharp and have sharp edges. In real life, there are some shadows that we see blurred and some sharp.  

    To give your image a realistic look, this combination is very important. Images can be made more natural by reducing or increasing the shadow blur.

    Transferring the shadow of an object: Sometimes unnecessary shadows are found in the picture. If there are no shadows, the image looks better. You need a shadow masking service here to help you. 

    With this service, you can move the shadows to a more reasonable place.

    Adjusting the shadow behind an object: You will always find shadows behind any object in reality. This touch up makes photos more realistic than normal photos.  

    Using the Drop Shadow service, you can have your shadow behind any object in your image.

    Adding a white edge: Adding shadows is the best choice if you need white edges around your picture or any content. Adding a white edge to any shadow effect photo editor and providing services is one of the main services.

    To trim the edge of an image: The Drop Shadow service can also trim the edges of an image. If you ever feel like trimming the edge using a shadow effect, this is what comes to your service.  

    A drop shadow service will trim the edges very carefully and efficiently without even noticing anyone.

    Shading behind texts: For brand names or logos, the shadows on the back of the text are both interesting and compelling. No one pays attention to simpler texts than 3D look texts. Hence in this case. You can use the drop shadow service.

    Making masked areas more beautiful: If your image has masked areas and they don't look so good, because it lacks the proper shadow effect. Growing these areas makes you look more realistic. This service will also help you do this bit.

    Why choose us for shadow masking service?

    Here are the reasons why you should choose us for shadow masking services.

    • We always deliver your order on time. There is no reason to worry about any delays or mistakes. 
    • We will deliver each of your orders according to your scheduled time.
    • Our Drop Shadow service team works only among the best editors to assist you. 
    • Once you rely on our services you don't have to worry about our quality. We will take care of everything for you.
    • If you are not satisfied with our edit, we will edit for you until you are 100% satisfied. You tell us and we'll do exactly what you want.

    Besides, you can also customize your own choice by consulting our graphic designers.

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